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Civilian Technical Assistance Program (CTAP)
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The CTAP Overview:


The Civilian Technical Assistance Program (CTAP) is a National Capacity Development program of the government of Afghanistan, designed to strengthen the capacity of Tashkeel staff and key ministries within the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, whereby assisting public agencies to effectively deliver services to the public while supporting towards the successful implementation of the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) and their prioritized programs.

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Civilian Technical Assistance Program (CTAP) Civilian Technical Assistance Program (CTAP) Civilian Technical Assistance Program (CTAP) Civilian Technical Assistance Program (CTAP) Civilian Technical Assistance Program (CTAP)

CTAP Capacity Building Approach & Principles:  

The Civilian Technical Assistance Program’s Capacity Building Approach offers Afghan ministries the rare, but important, opportunity to identify and articulate their own needs to find just the right candidate to build their capacity. Since its establishment, CTAP has been operating on the following key principals:

  1. Demand-driven, government-led approach: The requesting agencies identify and define  their own capacity development objectives (based on analysis of their strategic priorities), and then request assistance from CTAP in order to address them;  
  2. Best practice capacity development methodology: CTAP Advisors work within the government departments to implement true capacity development activities including business process restructuring, policy development and creating new functions. Through a systemic mentoring/advising process, they not only help their Tashkeel counterparts understand what to do but, more importantly, guide  them on why and how to do their tasks;  
  3. Placement in the heart of the government:  The advisors provided by CTAP are working at the heart of the government where the core, day to day business of government takes place. They primarily focus on strengthening the permanent staff, systems and structures of the government. They do not work as staff substitutes but rather with and through their counterparts at the Director-General level and below;
  4. Long-term technical assistance to get results: The design of CTAP recognizes that capacity development is cumbersome and takes more time and resources to realize results. Unlike other programs that concentrate on short-term solutions, CTAP deploys Technical Advisors for a two-year period – hence providing a long-term solution to the capacity development problem.

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