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The CTAP Overview:


The Civilian Technical Assistance Program (CTAP) is a National Capacity Development program of the government of Afghanistan, designed to strengthen the capacity of Tashkeel staff and key ministries within the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, whereby assisting public agencies to effectively deliver services to the public while supporting towards the successful implementation of the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) and their prioritized programs.

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CTAP Secretariat Conducts Planning Session for 2015

Planning is one of the first and most important functions of effective management, and it is needed at every level of management. Planning has gained more importance because of uncertain and constantly changing environments of government and non-government organizations around the world. To put is simple, in the absence of planning, it may not be possible but certainly difficult to guess the uncertain events of future.


Under the process of planning, the objectives of an organization are defined in simple and clear words. The obvious outcome of this is that all the employees get a direction and all their efforts are focused towards a particular end. In this way, planning plays an important and crucial role in the attainment of the objectives of the organization.

In the beginning of each year, CTAP Secretariat conducts planning sessions annually in order to better coordinate its overall initiatives and activities towards the main goal aimed at providing government organizations with effective technical assistance and capacity building supports through recruitment of Technical Capacity Building Advisors. As usual, departmental planning sessions started during the early days of January, 2015 and continued for several weeks until all departments prepared their annual work plan and budget plans.

As per CTAP management guidance, the M&E team took lead in the process, conducted orientation sessions and prepared the draft template and presentations required for better work planning. In the meantime, the Finance and Admin Budget was asked to review older Budgeting Template and then share with the Department managers. As soon as the templates were developed and finalized, each department head took time to conduct participatory sessions within their relevant departments and finalize their plans. In the end, when both the Annual Work Plans and Budgeting Plans were prepared, some necessary additional follow up and consultation meetings and participatory sessions were conducted to review and finalize the documents and enrich them with feedback and suggestions.

Fortunately, now CTAP Secretariat is well-equipped with comprehensive, realistic and practical work and budget plans and surely, will be in better position to increase overall coordination and introduce more efficiency in the implementation and monitoring of the capacity building projects within relevant client agencies.