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Civilian Technical Assistance Program (CTAP)
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The CTAP Overview:


The Civilian Technical Assistance Program (CTAP) is a National Capacity Development program of the government of Afghanistan, designed to strengthen the capacity of Tashkeel staff and key ministries within the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, whereby assisting public agencies to effectively deliver services to the public while supporting towards the successful implementation of the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) and their prioritized programs.

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CTAP Advisor Notes

The CTAP Approach to Capacity Development
CTAP advisors are being asked to work with their counterparts to develop the capacity of offices, departments and directorates of the government. In order to bring some consistency to the programme, ensure quality and make it possible to compare different departments supported by CTAP, CTAP has developed a very specific approach to Capacity Development that it expects will be used in all CTAP-supported Capacity Development Projects. Having a single approach also makes it easier for the CTAP secretariat to support its advisors.

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CTAP II Program Document

Building  on  the  foundation  of  lessons-learned  over  the  past  3-years,  and  the findings/recommendations  written  into  the  USAID-commissioned  Checchi  and  Company evaluation  study,  CTAP  has  modified  its  capacity  development  approach  to  address  a different set of issues within the Ministries. The largest, single, change is a movement away from a completely demand-driven approach to one that will attempt to affect change in the cross-cutting  areas  that  are  common  to  all  Ministries  and  Government  Agencies.  It  is  felt that the changes in CTAP’s approach are significant enough to justify a change in the name to CTAP II.

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CTAP Performance Evaluation Report

This report was produced for review by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). It was prepared under contract with Checchi and Company Consulting, Inc. for USAID’s Afghanistan “Services under Program and Project Offices for Results Tracking” (SUPPORT) project.”

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CTAP Process Guideline

CTAP Capacity building approach entails a long process to achieve the intended change and outcome. In order to better conceptualize the CTAP operation process and to better understand what your roles/ functions will be in the process, read the following step by step instructions. To put it simple, the whole CTAP process can be easily broken into specific states called the “Pre-Deployment Stage” and “Post-Deployment Stage”1. Read through the steps to better understand how CTAP works.

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