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Civilian Technical Assistance Program (CTAP)
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The CTAP Overview:


The Civilian Technical Assistance Program (CTAP) is a National Capacity Development program of the government of Afghanistan, designed to strengthen the capacity of Tashkeel staff and key ministries within the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, whereby assisting public agencies to effectively deliver services to the public while supporting towards the successful implementation of the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) and their prioritized programs.

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CTAP II aims at developing the capacity of GIROA agencies to implement their National Priority Programs (NPPs) as enshrined in the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS). Recent evaluation of CTAP found that there is an apparent lack of coordination among the various capacity building programmes in GIROA. In this second phase, CTAP has put in place strategies to enhance synergies with capacity building partners such as the Capacity Building for Results Facility (CBR) and also the Independent Administrative Reforms and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC). It is expected that with better coordination, capacity development programmes in Afghanistan can make a greater impact and achieve wider coverage.

As CTAP is facilitating several business processes, the IARCSC is also initiating complementary reforms, mainly targeted at the Human Resource Systems, in various government agencies. CTAP is working to ensure that the technical advisory services being rendered are aligning with the recommended reforms under the IARCSC, if any.

Key activities to achieve this will be:
1.    Review existing HR systems
2.    Develop a plan for implementing IARCSC reforms
3.    Train government counterparts in IARCSC reforms

Building on the human resources reforms recommended by the IARCSC, CTAP has begun facilitating for the strengthening of core functional areas which are common and complementary within a government agency. These will include Strategic Planning, Procurement, Monitoring and Evaluation and Management Information systems.

IARCSC/CBRF and CTAP are all government initiatives aimed at strengthening core functions of government agencies, particularly the human resource. As such, a partnership between the organizations is not only logical but very beneficial as well. Even though there has been no formal cooperation in the past, the set-up of the three agencies shows that there are obvious areas of cooperation especially that both programs focus at middle management of government agencies. It is therefore important that formal synergies are established.